Conference and exhibition: 14.-18.05.2017, Berlin

Compound Semiconductor Week 2017

FBH presents the following lectures at the  Compound Semiconductor Week:

  • Understanding and controlling diameter widening during self-assisted growth of GaAs nanowires
  • Development of AlGaN-based Deep UV LEDs for Nitrogen Oxide Sensing
  • Separation of degradation effects in (AlGa)N-based UVB-LEDs
  • Comparing electron beam lithography and nanoimprint lithography for the selective-area growth of GaAs nanowires by molecular beam epitaxy
  • Integration of active, passive and buried-grating sections for a GaAs-based, widely tunable laser with sampled grating Bragg reflectors
  • Wavelength stabilized high pulse power laser diodes for automotive LIDAR
  • GaN based vertical n channel MISFETs for switching applications (poster)
  • Physical simulation of transferred substrate InP/InGaAs DHBT (poster)

Please visit us at the corresponding exhibition.