Trade fair and conference: 26.-29.06.2017, Munic

Laser World of Photonics and CLEO Europe 2017

Visit us at the  Laser World of Photonics . You find us at the  Berlin Brandenburg joint booth in hall B2, booth 350.

At the accompanying conference  CLEO Europe, the FBH presents the following contributions:

  • Long-Resonator Laser-Diode Bars for Eff›cient kW Emission
  • Ultralow pulse-to-pulse timing jitter for telecommunication applications by a monolithic passively mode-locked multi quantum-well semiconductor laser emitting at 1080 nm
  • Portable SERDS system for the detection of carotenes in human skin
  • Self-optimizing passively, actively and hybridly mode-locked diode lasers (poster)
  • Development of a compact mode-locked ECDL for precision frequency comparison experiments at 780 nm (poster)
  • Comparison of passive mode-locked laser diodes with colliding and anticolliding designs containing a DQW with a broad gain spectrum (poster)
  • Miniaturized red-emitting hybrid semiconductor MOPA modules with small-sized Faraday isolators (poster)
  • Micro-integrated extended cavity diode laser with integrated optical amplifier for precision spectroscopy in space (poster)
  • Design and realization of a widely tunable sampled-grating distributed- Bragg režector (SG DBR) laser emitting at 976 nm (poster)
  • Inžfluence of lateral waveguide and grating layouts on the dišffraction efficiency of distributed Bragg reflžectors (poster)
  • Dual-wavelength Y-branch DBR-RW diode laser at 785 nm with an electrically tuneable wavelength distance up to 2 nm (poster)
  • Simulation and experiment results of high power DFB diode laser linewidth power product at 780 nm (poster)
  • Pico- and Nanosecond Dynamics of the Lateral Emission of Broad Area Distributed Bragg Režflector Lasers under High-Current Pulsed Excitation (poster)
  • Towards Compact Optical Quantum Technology For Space Environments