Dates 2013

Conference: 09.-11.12.2013, Washington (US)

IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting

Conference on semiconductor and electronic device technology, design, manufacturing, physics, and modeling. Invited lecture:

  • Techniques towards GaN power transistors with improved high voltage  dynamic switching properties


Conference: 05.-06.12.2013, Ilmenau (Germany)

Epitaxie of III/V semiconductors

The workshop, held by the German Society for Crystal Growing and Epitaxy e.V. (DGKK) covers the whole range of III/V semiconductors. FBH presents various lectures:

  • Growth of thick AlxGa1-xN layers on sapphire by hydride vapor phase epitaxy
  • Effect of carrier gas on the optical and structural properties of GaN
  • Einfluss der Oberflächenmorphologie von AlN/Saphir-Templates auf strukturelle und optische Eigenschaften von AlGaN/AlGaN Quantenfilmen
  • GaN Quantenpunktwachstum auf (0001)
  • AlN MOVPE growth of AlGaN-based deep UV LEDs


Conference: 27.10.-1.11.2013, San Francico, US

Electrochemical Society

FBH presents recent research results at the 224th meeting of the Electrochemical Society. Invited lecture: 

  • Normally-off GaN Transistors for Power switching Applications


Conference: 16.-17.10.2013, Coventry (UK)

Photonex 2013 - High Power Diode Lasers & Systems

FBH is represented in the technical program committee and contributes a lecture:

  • High-brilliance diode lasers with monolithically-integrated surface gratings as sources for spectral beam combination


Conference:06.-11.10.2013, Ischia (Italy)

Conference on Laser Ablation

Join the FBH poster presentation: "UV laser scribing for die separation of GaN-based photonic devices on sapphire substrates".

Conference: 06.-11.10.2013, Nuremberg (Germany)

European Microwave Week (EuMW)

FBH presents recent research results at Europe’s Premier Microwave, RF, Wireless and Radar Event. Lectures and poster sessions held by FBH scientists:

  • Enabling GaN high speed devices: microwave meets power electronics and vice versa
  • High-Efficiency Low-Voltage 24 GHz VCO in 130 nm CMOS for FMCW Radar Applications
  • Modeling of InP HBTs in Transferred-Substrate Technology for Millimeter-Wave Applications
  • Design of 200 W Wideband Doherty Amplifier with 34% Bandwidth
  • Parasitic Effects and Measurement Uncertainties in Multi-Layer Thin-Film Structures
  • Class-D MMIC with Improved Overall Efficiency for Future RRH Applications
  • GaN-HEMTs as Switches for High-Power Wideband Supply Modulators
  • Compact High-Power Oscillator With 2.45 GHz Differential Output

Chair resp. co-chair of the following sessions is W. Heinrich:

  • Electromagnetic Simulation and its Impact on Microwave Design
  • Supply Modulation Techniques and Switched Mode PAs
  • Signal Generators

more ...

Conference: 23.-26.09.2013, Dresden

SPIE Security and Defense

Conference on technological advancements in the areas of sensing, data and signal analysis, sensor platforms, materials and more. FBH presents an invited lecture in cooperation with Jenoptik: "Progress in efficiency-optimized high power diode lasers"

Conference, 19.-20.09.2013, Berlin

2. Berlin WideBaSe Conference

Wide bandgap semiconductors, in particular group III nitrides, offer enormous potential for applications in optoelectronics and electronics. Get an update on current state-of-art developments. The program of this conference covers:

  • the results of the joint efforts
  • the full spectrum of materials and technology research and development
  • the application of nitride semiconductor-based devices

program & further information (pdf)

Conference, 15.-19.09.2013, Warsaw, Poland


15th International Conference on Defects Recognition, Imaging and Physics in Semiconductors (DRIP)

The DRIP is a conference on physics of semiconductors with special emphasis on defects. It covers application aspects as well as fundamental questions regarding the physics of defects. FBH is involved both in the steering committee and participating with an invited speaker:

  • Anna Mogilatenko (FBH Germany): Defect analysis in III-nitride layers using transmission electron microscopy


Microsystems Summer School: 9.-13.09.2013, Berlin (in German)

Practical microsystems technology

ZEMI Microsystems Summer School in Berlin with current developments in microsystems technology. As all information is usually given in German language, please switch to the German website.

Conference: 08.-12.09.2013, Washington, US

IEEE Photonics Conference

FBH presents at the conference an invited lecture: "Advances in high Power Semiconductor Lasers"

Conference: 25.-30.08.2013 Washington, USA

10. International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors

FBH presents several lectures at the International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors:

  • MOVPE Growth of AlxGal-xN with x~0.5 on Epitaxial Laterally Overgrown AlN / Sapphire Templates for UV-LEDs
  • UV-C AlGaN Quantum Well Lasers Grown on Sapphire and Bulk AlN Substrates
  • Solar-Blind MSM Photodetectors on Patterned Sapphire Templates with AlxGa(l-x)N Absorbers for 0.4<x<1  
  • High-current Operation of Flip-chip UV-B LEDs Emitting at 295 nm


Conference: 04.-10.08.3013 Danzig, Poland

Summer School on Crystal Growth

Lectures on theoretical and experimental aspects of crystal growth and characterization of semiconducting, oxide, metallic, organic, and biological crystals.

Conference: 26.-28.06.2013 Indiana, USA

Electronic Materials Conference

The forum on preparation and characterization of electronic materials. FBH-lectures:

  • Growth of C-Plane Oriented AlxGa1-xN Layers on Sapphire by Hydride Vapor-Phase Epitaxy
  • Solar-Blind AlGaN MSM Photodetectors on Planar and ELO AlN/Sapphire Templates


Conference: 09.-14.06.2013, San Jose, CA, USA

Cleo 2013

CLEO, the Conference on lasers and electro-optics, provides the full range of critical developments in the field, showcasing the most significant milestones from laboratory to marketplace.
Invited Lecture: Cryolaser: Innovative Cryogenic Diode Laser Bars Optimized for Emerging Ultra-high Power Laser Applications

08.06.2013, 16:00-0:00 Uhr (in German)

Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften am FBH

Laboratory tours and hands-on experiments for all ages. As all information is usually given in German language, please switch to the German website.

Conference: 02.-05.06.2013 Aachen


15th European Workshop on Metalorganic Vapour Phase Epitaxy. FBH is represented in the Poster session:

  • Predominant formation of a-plane (Al,Ga)N layers on patterned c-plane sapphire using HVPE
  • Defect structure and compositional homogeneity of (Al,Ga)N layers on laterally overgrown AlN/sapphire templates
  • Linear thermal expansion coefficient determination using in-situ curvature and temperature dependent X-ray diffraction measurements applied to MOVPE-grown AlGaAs
  • DFB laser diodes emitting at 760 nm, grown in a 2-step epitaxy process
  • Epitaxial optimization of AlGaInP laser diodes at 633 nm


Conference: 02.-07.06.2013, Seattle

IMS 2013

FBH presents recent research results at the International Microwave Symposium.

  • THPG-1 RF-Power GaN Transistors with Tunable BST Pre-Matching
  • A Dual-Band Voltage-Mode Class-D PA for 0.8/1.8 GHz Applications
  • 200 GHz Interconnects for InP-on-BiCMOS Integration

conference program...

Trade Fair and Conference: 13.-16.05.2013, Munich

FBH at Laser World of Photonics and CLEO Europe

Visit us at one of the most important trade fairs Laser World of Photonics. In hall C1 booth C1.312. We show pulsed light sources, lightsources emitting in the red spectral range and UV LEDs. The FBH is represented with 6 posters and 2 lectures at the accompanying conference:

  • Monolithic Y-branch dual wavelength DBR diode laser at 671 nm for Shifted Excitation Raman Difference Spectroscopy
  • Investigation of design parameters of 633 nm diode lasers with internal surface gratings for narrow spectral linewidth
  • Increasing the luminance of a red emitting laser light source by spectral beam combining
  • Tunable and highly brilliant laser sources at 1120 nm
  • Influence of the length of the absorber section on the mode locking behaviour of a 1064 nm DBR laser determined on a single device
  • 1064 nm wavelength stabilized hybrid ns-MOPA diode laser system for high peak power and low spectral width
  • High efficiency, 8 W narrow-stripe broad-area lasers with in-plane beam-parameter-product below 2 mm mrad
  • Efficiency optimization of high power diode lasers at low temperatures


Conference: 26.-29.05.2013, Warnemünde

Wocsdice 2013

The 37th Workshop on Compound Semiconductor Devices and Integrated Circuits (WOCSDICE) is organized by the FBH.

For futher information on dates and the program please check the conference website.

Conference: 23.-25.04.2013, Yokohama, Japan

Laser Display Conference

A central forum for update and review of scientific and technical information on laser displays covering a wide range of fields from fundamental research to systems and applications.
Invited lecture: Miniaturized Highly Brilliant Diode Laser Modules for Future Display Applications

Conference: 29.04.-02.05. Baltimore, USA

Defense, Security and Sensing

Conference on optics, imaging, and sensing for defense, security, industry, and the environment. Invited lectures:

  • Monolithic Y-branch dual wavelength DBR diode laser at 671 nm for Shifted Excitation Raman Difference Spectroscopy (SERDS)
  • Miniaturized diode laser-based light sources for in-situ shifted excitation Raman difference spectroscopy

conference program (pdf)... 

Girls'Day at FBH: 25.04.2013, 9:30-12 Uhr (in German) - booked!

Klein aber oho

As information is usually given in German language, please switch to the German website.

Conference: 18.-19.04.2013, Warschau, Poland

2nd Polish-German Workshop on Nitride-Semiconductors

On the workshops agenda are diverse lectures and presentations of FBH and Berlin-WideBaSe scientists.

FBH lectures:

  • Bulk Crystal Growth of GaN and AlGaN by HVPE
  • In-situ measured strain in undoped and Si-doped (Al,Ga)N layers
  • High-power flip-chip UV-B LEDs
  • High-responsivity solar blind photodetectors
  • GaN-based, narrow-linewidth ridge waveguide laser diodes

Conference: 7.-11.04.2013, Oxford, UK

18th Microscopy of Semi-Conducting Materials

The conference focuses on advances in the study of structural and electronic properties of semiconducting materials. FBH is presented with a lecture:
"Cathodoluminescence and TEM investigations of structural and optical properties of AlGaN grown on ELO AlN/sapphire templates".
conference website...

Award Ceremony: 29.01.2013, Berlin-Adlershof, Erwin-Schrödinger-Zentrum

Adlershof Dissertation Award

Dr. Stefan Spießberger finished his PhD thesis at the FBH in 2012. He has now been nominated for the Adlershof Dissertation Award. On January 29, the three nominees compete with a short presentation to win the award.