FBH news: 25.06.2014

Japan - NEC reports progress towards the digital transmitter, using FBH PA modules

Presently, in wireless communications the fully digital transmitter is the holy grail targeted by several of the big international players in the field. To this end, the last and greatest challenge is the microwave power amplifier. Making it digital would allow to further optimize base station architecture and realization. Recently, NEC has reported progress in this direction in a press release. These results rely on a PA module in GaN technology, developed and fabricated at FBH.

FBH has been cooperating with NEC on digital microwave PAs since three years. The joint activities have sparked already several groundbreaking results and scientific publications. Recently, new results on the digital Doherty concept were presented at the International Microwave Symposium. For this purpose, an FBH class S/D amplifier was combined with an NEC Envelope-Delta-Sigma modulator, demonstrating for the first time the Doherty approach in the digital world.