Workshop on Organometallic Vapor Phase Epitaxy

FBH presents recent research at the OMVPE

Conference: 02.-07.08.2015, Montana (US)

International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors

FBH presents several lectures and 2 poster at the ICNS.

Conference: 230.08.-04.09.2015, Beijing (China)

International Conference on Laser Ablation

FBH presents at the conference recent research results

Conference:31.08.-04.09.2015, Cairns (Australia)

European Microwave Week 2015

FBH contributions to the European Microwave Week.

Conference: 06.-11.09.2015, Paris (France)

European Solid-State Device Conference

FBH presents a tutorial at the ESSDERC 2015 conference

Conference: 14.-18.09.2015, Graz (Austria)

Seminars: semester break

Usally, during semester break no seminars are offered at FBH. As of October, lectures will restart and will be announced here.

until October

micro photonics - preview event

2016 the micro photonics is launched. Save the date for the preview event in November.

Conference: 26.-27.11.2015, Berlin

... translating ideas into innovation

Welcome to the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Leibniz-Institut fuer Hoechstfrequenztechnik!

hybrid-integrated diode laser modules for display technology

We research cutting-edge technologies in the fields of microwave technology and optoelectronics. For customers in industry and science we provide high-frequency devices and circuits for communication and sensor technology as well as high-power diode lasers for materials processing, laser technology, medical technology and high precision metrology.

As a competence center for III/V-compound semiconductors we operate industry-compatible and flexible clean room laboratories with 2"-4" gas phase epitaxy units and a 2"-4" process line.


Towards Ka-band: 20 GHz large-signal performance of 150 nm gate GaN HEMTs

Ka-band GaN MMICs are gaining considerable interest for high data rate satellite links. In frame of the European FP7 project GaNSAT FBH develops K- and Ka-band MMICs for powering beam steering satellite transceivers. The recently introduced novel gate process modules at FBH towards Ka-band GaN MMIC fabrication have now been combined with epitaxial structures well-adjusted to short gate lengths of 100 nm or 150 nm. They result in an improved electron confinement to the channel and high output power density.

FBH research: 22.07.2015

Patterning of 100 mm sapphire substrates for fabrication of semi-polar (11-22) GaN templates

The FBH has recently developed a novel method - combining photolithographic and plasma etching processes - to fabricate defect-reduced GaN on 100 mm diameter r-plane patterned sapphire with semi-polar (11-22) orientation. Such semi-polar GaN orientation can be utilized for the production of efficient light-emitting optoelectronic devices.

FBH research: 07.07.2015