ICAP 2014

24th International Conference on Atomic Physics

Conference: 03.-08.08.2014 Washington (US)

ICORS 2014

Meet FBH scientists at the International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy.

Conference: 10.-15.08.2014 Jena

Seminars: semester break

Usally, during semester break no seminars are offered at FBH. As of October, lectures will restart and will be announced here.

until October

International Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors

FBH contributes several lectures to the IWN 2014.

Conference: 24.-29.08.2014 Wrocław (Poland))

... translating ideas into innovation

Welcome to the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Leibniz-Institut fuer Hoechstfrequenztechnik!

hybrid-integrated diode laser modules for display technology

We research cutting-edge technologies in the fields of microwave technology and optoelectronics. For customers in industry and science we provide high-frequency devices and circuits for communication and sensor technology as well as high-power diode lasers for materials processing, laser technology, medical technology and high precision metrology.

As a competence center for III/V-compound semiconductors we operate industry-compatible and flexible clean room laboratories with 2"-4" gas phase epitaxy units and a 2"-4" process line.


"Weltcup im sonnigen Frankreich"

Sophie Paul, Masterstudentin am FBH schreibt: "Nach der Trainingswoche in Ratzeburg mit der gesamten Mannschaft stand in dieser Woche mit dem Ruder-Weltcup ll im französischen Aiguebelette ein weiterer Meilenstein in dieser Saison auf dem Programm..."

Source: (in German)

940 nm QCW Pump Modules for 6 kW out of Fiber

The FBH developed fiber coupled pump modules for high repetition rate chirped pulse amplification thin disk lasers of the Joule class. The diode laser pump modules are designed to emit 6 kW, 1 ms pulses with 200 Hz repetition rate from a 1.9 mm fiber.

FBH research: 14.07.2014

Advancing on-wafer measurement calibration at W-band

For the characterization of integrated circuits probes are used which deteriorate the measurement result – especially in higher frequency ranges. To correct these parasitic effects a calibration process must be applied. Current electromagnetic research at the FBH revealed some of the so far unknown parasitic effects leading to errors in calibration.

FBH research: 01.07.2014

Japan - NEC reports progress towards the digital transmitter, using FBH PA modules

Presently, in wireless communications the fully digital transmitter is targeted by big international players in this field. Making microwave power amplifier digital would allow to further optimize base station architecture and realization. Recently, NEC has reported progress achieved with a PA module in GaN technology developed and fabricated at FBH.

FBH news: 25.06.2014