Joint Labs

FBH extends its basic network-oriented approach to work beyond the insitute by intensely cooperating with various universities. With its Joint Labs, the insitute closely dovetails basic- and application-oriented research:

Joint Lab GaN Optoelectronics

Link to TU Berlin

This Joint Lab develops innovative light emitters based on group-III nitrides, especially light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for the near and far UV spectral range and diode lasers emitting in the blue-violet and ultraviolet spectral range. Partner of the FBH within this Joint Lab is the Faculty of Experimental Nanophysics and Photonics led by Prof. Dr. Michael Kneissl at the Institute of Solid-State Physics at Technische Universität Berlin.

Joint Lab Laser Metrology

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Within the frame of this Joint Lab, very narrow-band diode lasers are developed that are suitable for, e.g., optical precision spectroscopy in space. Here, the FBH works closely with Prof. Achim Peters, Ph.D., head of AG Optical Metrology at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Humboldt-Universität Berlin (HU). In this context, the institute finances a part of HU's basic research activities in this field. With this cooperation, the joint interests and complementary expertises of HU Berlin (optical precision measurements for fundamental-physical issues) and FBH (semiconductor laser development) can be ideally bundled.

Joint Lab Terahertz Electronics

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This Joint Lab closely collaborates with Prof. Dr. Viktor Krozer, chair of Goethe Leibniz Terahertz Center at the Department of Physics of Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main (GUF) - his professorship is jointly sponsored by GUF and FBH. In the frame of this cooperation, terahertz technologies and complex system-on-chip concepts for millimeter wave systems are developed, satisfying the demand for an ever faster communication infrastructure, more powerful imaging methods, and complex as well as flexible circuits and systems.

Joint Lab Power Electronics

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This Joint Lab is a cooperation of the FBH with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sibylle Dieckerhoff, who is responsible for the Power Electronics Field of Expertise at the Institute for Energy and Automation Technology at TU Berlin. This lab forms the inerface between GaN semiconductor technology and highly efficient energy converter systems. This way, energy-efficient, compact, and capable electronic energy converters shall be available for a great variety of application in the future - from communication and automotive technology to the conversion of solar energy.

Joint Lab BTU-CS – FBH Microwave

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Within this Joint Lab, the FBH closely cooperats with Prof. Dr. Matthias Rudolph, who holds the Ulrich-L.-Rohde Chair of RF and Microwave Techniques at Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg (BTU-CS). In the frame of this collaboration, transistor models are developed used to determine the electrical and thermal behavior before their realization. Another focus is on the development of particularly rugged low-noise amplifers based on FBH GaN-HEMT technology.