Education and Training

FBH has been promoting education and training for many years, not only for the institute itself but throughout the photonics cluster in the Berlin Brandenburg region. The network ANH Berlin (Aus- und Weiterbildungsnetzwerk Hochtechnologie), established many years ago, is currently supporting SME in all matters regarding vocational training. The network also offers vocational orientation and guidance for young people to get first-hand information about jobs and career prospects.

Education Network High Technology Berlin (ANH Berlin)

The training network ANH Berlin counsels and actively supports companies and institutes in vocational education and training. The network additionally offers tailor-made courses for further training.

Furthermore, young people have the opportunity to explore STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) professions and get first-hand information about jobs and career prospects by visiting associated school laboratories and companies. They can also apply for an apprenticeship within the partner companies via the network’s main office at FBH.

ANH Berlin informs about STEM in general with special focus on photonics and microsystems technology.
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HAI - High-Tech Training within the Photonics Cluster Berlin Brandenburg

From July 2016 onwards, the regional training network (ANH Berlin) received additional funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and was able to extend services for SME and research institutes with the new project HAI. Aim of this project is to raise the quality and attractiveness of vocational training in high technology and to support companies and institutes in major training matters.
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beMINT. Experiencing Career Prospects

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beMINT is a project funded by Berlin industry and was started at the end of October 2016. In close cooperation with the GenaU network of school laboratories and the vocational training center Lise-Meitner (LMS), the FBH addresses several aspects influencing young peoples’ decision-making about their future careers. The project combines practical experiments in STEM in laboratories with visits in companies and institutes, first-hand information about training and working conditions as well as matching vacancies with potential candidates.
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PHABLABS 4.0, an initiative funded through the EU horizon 2020 program, was launched in December 2016 to integrate photonics (with the help of workshops and challenger projects) into the rapidly expanding ecosystem of European Fab Labs, resulting in a larger and better skilled photonics workforce. The project consortium comprises 11 top-level photonics partners and 14 pilot Fab Labs dispersed among 10 European countries. Photonics workshops will be developed to get a better understanding of the enabling character of photonics and its many applications by developing self-made workpieces based on the unique properties of light.
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Summer School within Photonics Cluster

Optical Technologies and Microsystems Technology are key technologies of the 21st century. They are pooled within the Cluster Photonics Berlin Brandenburg, thus making this region one of the most innovative regions within Europe. To give students and young professionals access to this very versatile research infrastructure, FBH together with other institutes organizes a one-week summer school. Participants have the opportunity to get first-hand information about latest research findings and to discuss technological challenges with representatives from science and industry. In addition to that, a guide tour to companies and laboratories is offered.