Vocational Education and Training

FBH trains every year three to four apprentices as microtechnologists with focus on semiconductor technology and one industrial mechanician. Find training profiles and more information on our career pages:

  • microtechnologist
  • industrial mechanician

Apprenticeship Association Microtechnology Berlin-Brandenburg

The FBH is a member of the non-profit organization proMANO e.V., which manages the work of the Apprenticeship Association Microtechnology Berlin-Brandenburg. This organization provides advice and support to member companies and institutions in all aspects of education. Apprentices receive the opportunity to work in partner companies for several months to improve their skills and learn more about company processes. This way, required training contents are  taught which can not be covered inhouse. The partners exchange information and experience at the annual meeting.

Transistion to university-level studies for trainees

In order to facilitate the transition to university-level studies for trainees in the field of
microtechnology, the FBH has developed a specialized process of recognition in cooperation
with the Lise Meitner School and Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences. The curriculum of the vocational training is accorded academic credit toward the Bachelor’s degree in Microsystems and Optical Technologies. The training and period of university study can be reduced up to one and a half years through this process. A similar process of recognition was also developed with HTW Berlin.

Education Network High Technology Berlin - ANH Berlin

ANH Berlin supports institutes and companies comprehensively in training matters in the field of microsystems technology. ANH Berlin offers a variety of services for vocational training to meet the need of skilled personnel in high technology.