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Conference: 26.-29.04.2020

ICULTA 2020 - Save the Date

The International Conference on UV LED Technologies & Applications will take place in Berlin from April 26-29, 2020 and is jointly organized by the German consortium "Advanced UV for Life" and the "International Ultraviolet Association" (IUVA).

Conferences & Exhibition: 01.02. - 06.02.2020, San Francisco (USA)

FBH at Photonics West 2020

FBH presents its research results at the world's leading technology event for optics and photonics and is also represented at at the German Pavilion at booth 4545 together with its spin-offs  UVphotonics and BeamXpert. The conference program and further information are provided on the conference website. FBH contributions at the accompanying conferences:


  • Efficient, high power 780 nm pumps for high energy class mid-infrared solid state lasers
  • Design progress for higher efficiency and brightness in 1 kW diode-laser bars
  • Charge-shifting optical lock-in detection with shifted excitation Raman difference spectroscopy for the analysis of fluorescent heterogeneous samples
  • Wavelength stabilized high pulse power laser bars for line-flash automotive LIDAR
  • High-power, high-beam quality miniaturized laser module for pumping of solid state lasers at 980 nm
  • Reliable high-spectral-radiance 635 nm tapered diode lasers with monolithically integrated distributed Bragg reflector
  • Session "Advanced Raman and SERS Systems" - session chairs: Bernd Sumpf & Martin Maiwald
    • A diode laser based clinical diagnostic system using shifted excitation resonance Raman difference spectroscopy for the in vivo detection of ß-carotene in human skin (invited)
    • Improving Raman spectroscopy using diode lasers at 785 nm for shifted excitation Raman difference spectroscop (invited)


  • Traveling wave model based analysis of tapered broad-area lasers
  • Investigation of 48 emitter DBR laser bars under nanosecond high-peak current excitation


  • Recent progress for blue VCSELs and challenges to move to UV (invited)
  • A 310-nm optically pumped AlGaN VCSEL with two dielectric distributed Bragg reflectors
  • Ultra-short passive external cavity optical self-injection of a semiconductor quantum well laser (poster)


  • Are blue and ultraviolet VCSELs a reality or just a dream?  (invited)
  • Prospects and challenges for UV LEDs and UV lasers with tunnel junctions (invited)
  • A brief history of kilowatt-class diode-laser bars
  • Micro-integrated dual-wavelength ridge-waveguide master oscillator power amplifier with an optical output power of 0.5 W at 785 nm
  • Surface Bragg gratings for high-brightness lasers (invited)
  • Ultraviolet LEDs: steps towards high efficiency and high reliability  (invited)

Workshop: 05.-06.12.2019 Dresden

DGKK workshop

FBH presents current work at the DGKK workshop on epitaxy of III-V semiconductor compounds:

  • AlN overgrowth of nano-hole patterned sapphire by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy
  • High Temperature Annealing of AlN on Patterned Sapphir
  • High-temperature annealing of AlN films grown on 4H-SiC
  • Effect of high temperature annealing on the properties of AlGaN


Forschungsverbund Berlin within Berlin Science-Week: 06.11.2019

Marthe-Vogt-Preis 2019

As all information is given in German please swith to the German website

Call for Abstracts: 30.11.2019

ICULTA 2020 - Call for Abstracts

The International Conference on UV LED Technologies & Applications will take place in Berlin from April 26-29, 2020 and is jointly organized by the German consortium "Advanced UV for Life" and the "International Ultraviolet Association" (IUVA).
Abstracts can be submitted until 15.12.2019.

Conference: 28.-30.10.2019, Berlin

MikroSystemTechnik Kongress 2019

Visit us at the MST-Congress in Berlin at the joint booth with Research Fab Microelectronics Germany (booth 1)

At the conference Dr. Andreas Wicht will present new research results in the field of integrated quantum sensors at the FBH in the workshop "Photonic Sensor Technology from Berlin and Brandenburg" on October 28, 2019. Program and registration here.

Conference: 09.-10.10.2019, Coventry (UK)

IEEE High Power Diode Lasers & Systems Conference

The FBH presents current research results at the conference and is represented with a keynote "High Pulse Power Wavelength Stabilized 905 nm Laser Bars for Automotive LiDAR".  Paul Crump is involved in the conference organization as program chair.
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Konferenz / Ausstellung: 29.09.-04.10 / 1.-3.10.2019 Paris, FR

European Microwave Week 2019

The FBH is involved in several contributions to the conference:

  • A GaN-HEMT with Floating LF Ground for Reverse Operation in Integrated RF Power Circuits
  • A 300 GHz Active Frequency Tripler in Transferred-Substrate InP DHBT Technology
  • A 0.5 THz Signal Source with -11 dBm Peak Output Power Based on InP DHBT
  • GaN Digital Outphasing PA (Co-Chair of Session Outphasing and Doherty Power Amplifiers:  A. Wentzel)
  • Packaged Floating-Ground RF Power GaN-HEMT (Chair of Session Supply Modulated Power Amplifiers: O. Bengtsson)

At the accompanying exhibition you will find us at the joint booth B2200 - Research Fab Microelectronics Germany.
Conference Website

Innovation Days: 12.-13.09.2019 Frankfurt /Oder

2nd Innovation Day of Research Fab Microelectronics Germany

Under the motto "From IDays to IDeas", the Research Fab Microelectronics Germany will present new developments in the field of "Microwave & Terahertz" and offer experts, users and colleagues a platform for exchange on topics such as 5G as a technology for communication and positioning, wireless & radar for industry 4.0 and sensors for autonomous driving.
programm and  application here

Conference: 08.-12.09.2019 Berlin

DRIP - International Conference on Defects-Recognition, Imaging and Physics in Semiconductors

The DRIP XVIII conference will be held in Berlin, Germany, and is organized by FBH and IKZ.  It covers all aspects of defects in semiconductors, including point, line, planar and volume defects. The latest advances in defect analysis will be discussed. The conference provides an international forum to present and discuss the correlation between crystal defects, device fabrication and degradation.
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Event: 19.08.2019 Frankfurt (Oder) (in German)

FBH at the Brandenburger Optik-Tag

The FBH  exhibits at the "3. Brandenburger Optik-Tag Nanoelektronik und Mikrosystemtechnik". As all information is given in German please switch to the German website.

Trade Fair & Conference: June 23 - 27, 2019 Munich

Laser World of Photonics & CLEO Europe 2019

Visit us at Laser World of Photonics. You find us at the  Berlin Brandenburg joint booth in hall B2, booth 119 from June 24 - 27.

At the accompanying conference CLEO Europe (June 23 - 27) the FBH presents the following contributions:


  • Dual-Wavelength Y-Branch DBR-RW Diode Laser at 785 nm with Adjustable Spectral Distance from 0 up to 1.6 nm (Poster)
  • Passively mode-locked quantum-well semiconductor laser subject to ultra-short optical self-feedback with nanometric fine-delay  (Poster)
  • Efficient Tm:YAG and Tm:LuAG lasers pumped by red tapered diodes
  • Monolithic master oscillator with tapered power amplifier diode laser at 1060 nm with additional control section for high power operation


  • Determination of the residual amplified spontaneous emission in single-mode semiconductor optical amplifiers
  • Widely tunable Watt-level MOPA systems emitting at 976 nm
  • Coherent superposition of pulsed high-brightness tapered amplifiers
  • Wavelength stabilized 905 nm diode lasers in the 100 W class for automotive LiDAR
  • Efficient Narrow Stripe Ridge Waveguide Lasers for Single-Spatial Mode Operation up to 2.5 W
  • Narrower Far Field and Higher Efficiency in 1 kW Diode-Laser Bars Using Improved Lateral Structuring
  • Efficient, High Power Pumps for Mid-IR Solid State Lasers Enabled by 200 K Operation of 808 nm Diode Lasers
  • Optimization of 808 nm DBR RW Laser Bars for Operation at Low Noise and High Reliability


  • Development and qualification of miniaturized, UHV-compatible optical systems for integrated atomic quantum sensors


  • A micro-integrated mode-locked extended-cavity diode laser emitting in the wavelength range around 780 nm
  • Polarisation-resolved investigations of the pico- and nanosecond dynamics of broad area distributed Bragg reflector lasers under very high-current pulse excitation
  • Continuous wave THz source based on an electrically tunable monolithic two-color semiconductor diode laser

Conference - CLEO Europe
Trade Fair - Laser World of Photonics

Conference: 17.-19.06.2019 Cabourg (Fr)


FBH presents two invited lectures at this years Workshop on Compound Semiconductors

  • Ga2O3 Electronics
  • Vertical GaN Transisors


12.06.2019, starting 15:00, Max-Born-Saal, Max-Born-Institut (MBI), Berlin Adlershof

Working in Photonics

Joint career and recruiting event organized by OptecBB and the OSA/SPIE Student Chapter in Berlin, aiming to provide a platform where companies/research institutes and physics students/recent graduates can meet, exchange information and connect. The FBH is introduced by Moritz Brendel.
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Conference: 02.-06.06.2019 Boston, Massachusetts

International Microwave Symposium 2019

FBH attends the IMS with several contributions

  • Session: A 175 GHz Bandwidth High Linearity Distributed Amplifier in 500 nm InP DHBT Technology
  • Reconfigurable GaN Digital Tx Applying BST-based Bandpass Filter
  • Digital Outphasing Transmitter Applying Wavetable Modulation Scheme
  • Highly linear 90-170 GHz SPDT Switch with High Isolation for Fully Integrated InP Transceivers

Conference  site

Trade fair: 24.- 26. 04.2019 Yokohama (Japan)

FBH at OPIE 19

FBH  & UVphotonics are present at the Optics and Photonics international Exhibition. Find us at the Berlin-Brandenburg joint booth  G14

Workshop: 02.-04.04.2019, Noordwijk (NL)

MTT 2019

FBH presents a lecture at the Microwave Technology and Techniques Workshop: "On the use of a class-G modulator for continuous envelope tracking"

Girls Day am FBH: 28.03.2019

Kleine Zwerge ganz groß

Winzige Halbleiter-Bauelemente wie Laser, Verstärker, Sendebausteine stecken in jedem Mobiltelefon, in der Supermarktkasse oder sorgen für Sicherheit im Auto. Sie helfen in der Medizin (Augenlaser, Zahnmedizin), bei der Materialbearbeitung (Schweißen, Schneiden, Beschriften) im Flugverkehr (Radar) und fliegen sogar in den Weltraum und treiben moderne Atomuhren.

Unsere Auszubildenden begleiten euch beim Ausflug in diese Mikrowelt. Wir zeigen euch, wie so ein winziges Bauteil aussieht (mit einem Mikroskop, weil die Strukturen viel kleiner sind als der Durchmesser eines menschlichen Haares). Ihr könnt bei praktischen Experimenten eure Fingerfertigkeit testen und erfahrt nebenbei viel Wissenswertes rund um unsere leistungsstarken Minilaser. Und ihr besichtigt die Speziallabore (Reinräume), in denen die Winzlinge hergestellt werden.

Seid ihr neugierig geworden? Probiert einmal aus wie vorsichtig man die kleinen Bauteile behandeln muss, wie es sich anfühlt einen Reinraumanzug zu tragen und fragt unseren Wissenschaftlerinnen und Mikrotechnologie-Azubis Löcher in den Bauch.

Anmeldung über die Girls Day Webseite

Conference: 25.-27.03.2019 Stuttgart

German Microwave Conference 2019

FBH presents current research results at this year's GeMiC:

  • Crosstalk Effects of Differential Thin-Film Microstrip Lines in Multilayer Motherboards
  • Class-G Supply Modulation for MIMO and Radar with Phased Array Antennas


Conferences & Exhibition: 02.02. - 07.02.2019, San Francisco (USA)

FBH at Photonics West 2019

FBH presents its research results at the world's leading technology event for optics and photonics and is also represented at at the German Pavilion at booth 4545 together with its spin-off  UVphotonics vertreten. The conference program and further information are provided on the conference website. FBH contributions at the accompanying conferences:



  • Session: Plasmonic Platforms and Optical Systems, Chair: Bernd Sumpf
  • Rapid and adjustable shifted excitation Raman difference spectroscopy at 785 nm
  • Session: Advanced Optical Sensing Systems, Chair: Martin Maiwald
  • Tailored diode lasers: enabling Raman spectroscopy in the presence of disturbing fluorescence and background light



  • High-power-class QCW red laser bars and stacks for pump and direct application
  • Advanced diode laser R&D
  • Current spreading suppression by O- and Si-implantation in high power broad area diode lasers
  • Recent progress in brightness scaling by coherent beam combining of tapered amplifiers for efficient high power frequency doubling


  • Plenary Session, Günther Tränkle (presentation)
    High Power Laser Diodes: Improvements in Power, Efficiency, and Brilliance


  • Single mode 500 mW at 633 nm using all semiconductor master oscillator and a dual stage amplifier
  • Miniaturized watt-level laser modules emitting in the yellow-green spectral range for biophotonic applications
  • Ultra-narrow linewidth diode laser based on resonant optical feedback
  • Multi watt-level picosecond micro-laser sources in the yellow-green spectral range



  • The impact of crystal defects on the efficiency and lifetime of deep UV LED


  • Tunable Y-branch dual-wavelength diode lasers in the VIS and NIR range for sensor applications


  • High-spectral radiance distributed Bragg reflector tapered diode lasers at 1060 nm with novel internal output DBR-grating
  • Reliability of high-power 1030 nm DBR tapered diode lasers with different lateral layouts
  • Investigation of controlled external feedback on the properties of low- and high-power frequency-stabilized diode laser
  • Impact of hydrogen migration on the operation-induced degradation of electro-optical parameters in (In)AlGaN-based UVB LEDs