GaN Microwave Devices Lab

The extraordinary material properties of gallium nitride heterostructures allow for high-speed field effect devices with simultaneous high-charge carrier concentration and high breakdown voltage. These properties are required for very competitive microwave power devices such as discrete power transistors and monolithically integrated microwave ICs (MMIC).

  • SEM image of GaN transistor
    [+] SEM image of GaN transistor
  • Packaged GaN transistor
    [+] Packaged microwave GaN power transistor with lid open
  • Cross-section of GaN transistor
    [+] Schematic cross-section of GaN-based transistor

At FBH two different GaN microwave process versions are available and reliably deliver L- to C-band discrete devices as well as X-band MMICs for different applications. For example, X-band GaN MMICs are implemented in our digital power amplifiers, and discrete GaN power devices are marketed by our spin-off company Berlin Microwave Technologies AG (BeMiTec). Discrete microwave power devices also reliably operate in oscillators and power amplifiers for plasma generation. Both process versions are based on our in-house 4-inch GaN-on-SiC process line and rely on similar process modules. They only differ in terms of epitaxial design and gate geometry. 

A third process version heading for Ka-band MMICs is currently being developed in the frame of the European project GaNSAT.