Materials Technology Department

Materials technology is the starting point for the realization of new concepts for optoelectronic and electronic devices. As a center of competence for metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE), the Materials Department produces ultra-thin semiconductor layer structures. On a single-crystalline substrate atomic layer by atomic layer is deposited, leading to a homogeneous layer structure with exactly defined crystalline properties. These wafers are then processed into devices in the Process Technology Department using, e.g., etching and metallization techniques.

Operator area epitaxy laboratory
Operator area of epitaxy laboratory

The FBH works on semiconductor layer structures on the basis of the material systems (Al,Ga)As, (Al,Ga,In)P, (Ga,In)(As,P) and (Al,Ga,In)N. For this purpose seven MOVPE systems with different capacities from 5 x 2" up to 12 x 4" for GaAs epitaxy as well as 6 and 11 x 2" up to 8 x 4" for GaN and AlN epitaxy are used.

For the production of thick GaN and AlGaN layers and bulk crystals to be used as substrates and pseudo substrates for (Al,In)GaN epitaxy, FBH develops hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) techniques offering growth rates of several hundred µm per hour.

The development and optimization of semiconductor layer growth is supported by several analytical methods for the characterization of electrical, optical, and structural properties of the grown layer sequences.

As an epi-wafer foundry, FBH offers its knowledge and epitaxy capacities also to external partners. The institute supports customers to realize epitaxial structures with excellent properties according to their requirements and offers analytical assessment of semiconductor structures and devices.