Joint Lab Laser Metrology

The Joint Lab Laser Metrology is part of FBH's Photonics Research Area and is operated jointly by FBH and the Optical Metrology group headed by Prof. Peters at the  Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.

Research and development carried out by the Joint Lab Laser Metrology addresses the following fields:

micro-integrated laser module
Details of a micro-integrated laser module for space applications
  • Development of active and passive electro-optical components, e.g. for the realization of complex, micro-integrated passive and active electro-optical modules
  • development of technologies for the micro-integration of complex passive and active electro-optical modules
  • development of micro-integrated electro-optical modules, all specifically designed for application in the field or in space
  • laser measurement and control: development of methods and electro-optical systems for

These activities are relevant for systems that require narrow linewidth or ultra-narrow linewidth sources of coherent radiation, e.g. laser communication terminals, interferometers for distance measurements between satellites, or quantum optical sensors, e.g. optical atomic clocks and atom interferometers.

rocket launch
Launch of the TEXUS 50 rocket. Source: DLR

Typical fields of application for these systems are:

  • inertial navigation
  • earth exploration
  • geodesy
  • geophysics and climate-monitoring
  • realization of time and frequency standards
  • synchronization of networks
  • coherent communication, e.g., between satellites
  • fundamental physics experiments, e.g., addressing the foundations of General Relativity