Pico- & Nanosecond Pulse Sources

The Ferdinand-Braun-Institut has developed novel, compact laser beam sources delivering highly precise pulses in the pico- and nanosecond range. These sources use a tailored design for pulse generation from the diode laser technology as well as optimized RF components from microwave electronics as electronic driver. Both are core competencies of the FBH. The sources can be flexibly adapted to the respective application.

  • ps laser light source
    [+] ps laser light source with integrated pulse picker
  • Short-pulse laser
    [+] Short-pulse laser in butterfly housing

Laser systems in the ns range

For the first time world-wide, a tailor-made DFB laser chip and a high current density drive circuitry have been integrated into a butterfly housing. This electronics allows to generate very precise and ultra-short current pulses up to 6 Ampere with pulse widths in the ns range. The optical pulses achieve output powers > 3 W and a small linewidth.


  • Metrology
  • Materials and bio analytics
  • Seed source for materials processing
  • Free-space communications

Typical wavelengths

  • 1060 - 1070 nm, transferable to other wavelengths

Compact ps light sources

The ps laser light sources developed at FBH with an integraded pulse picker select very precisely single pulses from the high frequency pulse frequencies of mode-locked lasers. On a compact opto-electronic micro bench, a 4-section DBR laser (master oscillator) generates ultra-short light pulses < 10 ps with repetition rates of ~4.3 GHz and which are coupled into a tapered device consisting of two sections. The first section is designed for pulse selection and has to meet a specifically challenging task: switching the current pulses on and off within only 100 ps by using ultra-fast GaN transistors from the FBH. In the second section, the pulses that are selected are amplified.


  • Seed source for materials processing
  • Material analytics

Typical wavelengths

  • 1060 nm, 920 nm (840 nm ... 1100 nm are possible)

Overview: poster "diode laser based pulsed sources" (pdf)