• Source: Photonics West Daily Show, 07.02.2019 (p. 4)

    Planets, plasmas, pulses

    The LASE Plenary covered the whole spectrum, from Cassini's survey of Saturn, through reinforcing nuclear reactors and at-risk bridges, to powerful diode pulses.

  • Source: Laser Focus World, 30.01.2019

    Farming 4.0 and the photonics industry

    It is rare that a politician is cited in a laser magazine. But last week, Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke about digital technologies for farming at the International Green Week, here in Berlin. Referring to precision farming, she said, "this technology enables us to look at each and every plant and to enter information on specific plants, thus reducing the need for fertilizers and making forecasts possible.

  • FBH research: 30.01.2019

    Ultra-narrow linewidth diode laser for LISA

    The LISA satellite mission aims to detect and characterize gravitational waves. To achieve this, three laser interferometers will be used that require suitable metrology lasers. The FBH has developed a 1064 nm diode laser with resonant optical feedback to be used as seed laser, aiming to replace Nd:YAG NPRO lasers used so far.


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The FBH is also the central contact for the respective issues in the Photonics Cluster.

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