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Günther Tränkle,
Lecture, Urania Berlin

Lecture: 28.01.2015 (in German)

Degradation Studies at High-Power Diode Lasers

Martin Hempel
Max-Born-Institut, Berlin

FBH seminar: 30.01.2015

FBH at Photonics West

FBH presents research results at the worlds leading conference for optics and photonics.

Conference: 07.-12.02.2015, San Francisco (US)

UV-Strahlung nutzbar machen – von der Hautbehandlung bis zur Trinkwasserentkeimung

Eine Veranstaltung der Berliner Wirtschaftschaftsgespräche e.V. am FBH.

Event: 24.02.2015, 17 Uhr, Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (in German)

LichtBlicke competition - take part now!

Secondary students as of 7th grade are invited to participate in the writing contest dealing with "light" - the best will be set to music!

competition: -28.02.2015

... translating ideas into innovation

Welcome to the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Leibniz-Institut fuer Hoechstfrequenztechnik!

hybrid-integrated diode laser modules for display technology

We research cutting-edge technologies in the fields of microwave technology and optoelectronics. For customers in industry and science we provide high-frequency devices and circuits for communication and sensor technology as well as high-power diode lasers for materials processing, laser technology, medical technology and high precision metrology.

As a competence center for III/V-compound semiconductors we operate industry-compatible and flexible clean room laboratories with 2"-4" gas phase epitaxy units and a 2"-4" process line.


Stark und effizient

Diode laser pump module achieving high pump energies at high repetition rates.

Source: Pro Physik, 23.01.2015 (in German)

Knighthood for Scientific Board Member Frank van den Bogaart

The FBH congratulates its long-term member of the Scientific Board Frank van den Bogaart. Dr. van den Bogaart was knighted in the Order of Oranje-Nassau by the Dutsch King Willem-Alexander.

FBH news: 21.01.2015

Demonstration of GaN-based near UV laser diodes

The FBH develops low-threshold GaN-based edge-emitting laser diodes emitting in the near ultraviolet spectral range. Based on previous developments of blue-violet InGaN quantum well laser diodes operating in cw mode, FBH succeeded in realizing laser structures emitting below 390 nm with threshold current densities as low as 2 kA/cm² in pulsed operation.

FBH research: 19.01.2015

Effizient und robust: Hochleistungs-Pumplasermodul mit Faserkopplung

Innovative pump laser module with 6 kW output power based on particularly efficient, capable 940 nm QCW diode lasers from the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut and a water-cooled carrier module develoed by C2GO inprocess solutions, which enables mouting in a novel, very efficient way.

Press release FBH/C2GO: 19.01.2015 (in German)

FBH uses LayTec's EpiCurve in-situ metrology to eliminate SiC/GaN wafer cracking in ICP etching

researchers at Berlin-based Ferdinand-Braun-Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik (FBH) have applied EpiCurve in-situ metrology for optimizing etching recipes

Source: 16.01.2015

Best of Berlin + Brandenburg

Artikel über Adlerhofer Firmen, die für den Innovationspreis Berlin-Brandenburg nominiert sind - darunter Kooperationspartner des FBH.

Source: Adlershof Journal, 01/2015 (in German)

Adlershof: Experimentierfeld für Lichtgestalten

Article on optical and photonic research and development activities in Adlershof.

Source: Adlershof Journal, 15.01.2015 (in German)

Watt-class semiconductor optical amplifiers based on ridge-waveguide structures

The FBH successfully developed an improved epitaxial structure leading to a very strong increase in power level of the ridge waveguide (RW) amplifier. Together with a CW operated master oscillator the power amplifier can be combined to a MOPA system, yielding spectrally stable as well as diffraction limited radiation in the watt range. Such laser sources are ideally suited for applications including non-linear frequency conversion and coherent optical communication.

FBH research: 09.01.2015